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Why is Antropi Teach Awesome?


Erasing a large area? The eraser gets bigger automatically. Changing background color? Colors are adjusted to ensure readability. 

Easy To Use

Antropi Teach is designed to be easy-to-use from scratch. Bright ideas, speed, and clean interface resulted in the easiest IWB Software ever.

Advanced Import

Import your PDFs, presentations, worksheets and so on. And of course, it is pretty fast. You can even select the pages to be imported.

Cross Platform

Antropi Teach can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Mobile versions are coming soon.


Multiple users, simultaneously! You can also use multitouch gestures to manipulate objects.

Advanced Export

Antropi Teach supports a wide range of export formats. PDF, HTML, PNG and JPG are some of them.


Antropi Teach comes with a collection of vectoral visual elements.  You can also add your own resources to the gallery. Oh, and it is super easy to add them.

Lightning Fast

Antropi Teach brings the power of C++ on the table. It is super fast when drawing, playing media, or importing PDFs.


People are different, so are their needs. You can customize the toolbar according to your needs, and move it to any place on the board.

Did You Know?

Antropi Teach has been selected as the official IWB software of Fatih Project. Fatih Project involves deploying Interactive Whiteboards to each classroom -more than 430 000- of state schools in Turkey.

The software chosen for a project at this scale had to be both powerful and easy-to-use to meet the needs of all user groups. Antropi Teach proved a powerful software does not need to be clunky.

Gunes Sistemi
Gunes Sistemi Dunya PYTHAGORAS Inverse Solarsystem

Create Content For All Lessons

Draw, write and enrich with audio – visual elements… Before the class or during the class. Let your students be part of the experience. And share the resulting work with them easily!


We’ve packed a lot of great features into Antropi Teach. Here are some of them. Take some time to look around the demo to see what it is capable of!

  • Easy-to-use, modern and simple interface.
  • Vectoral, beautiful drawings in layer structure.
  • Smart eraser. You can even use a real eraser!
  • Unmatched document import speed.
  • Powerful media support.

Awesome Bundle!

Don’t have an IWB? We got you covered. Antropi Tablet is a wireless graphics tablet to control the computer with a stylus. It works smoothly with Antropi Teach and brings portability to your classroom or office.


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